Who we are

We are a Western Canada based team of Information Technology Professionals passionate about delivering value to our customers. We are project managers, system architects, and software developers who know how to deliver solutions.

Contact us:

We work with corporate and startup clients.

We specialize in:

delivering software solutions

training and mentoring

project rescues

product, program, and project management


education and training




oil and gas




How we do it:


Many of our practitioners have over 20 years of experience solving some of the most complex business problems. We connect clients and development teams to deliver solutions cost effectively.


We use a very practical Agile approach to solving problems. We incrementally deliver solutions where the client is in the driver’s seat. We make delivering software fun and effective, where customer satisfaction is most important.

What we are looking for:

We are always looking for practitioners who truly understand software delivery, Agile, and collaboration. We are looking for professionals that can deliver the maximum benefit to our clients.

We are looking for clients who can benefit from our services, clients who need to succeed and are interested in a true partnership that will create the best solutions.



Larry is a proven Information Technology leader in Western Canada, delivering high value, through innovation and strong teams. Larry has been a Product Manager, Project Manager, Developer, Consultant, Mentor and Leader. He has worked for WestJet, TransCanada, CP Rail, to name a few, across multiple domains and has a proven track record of building high performance teams and delivering results.

With a positive attitude, and people focused outlook, Larry brings a lot of energy and passion to delivering success and mentoring others.